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M.A.D. Fashion Showcase 2018

The 2018 collection focused on elegant silk gowns in jewel tones embellished with 3D flowers and leaves, exquisite bead work, long coats and LED lit armoured pieces. Models: Dani van Groeningen, Vivien Katherine, Show Stopper, Jeshua Wilson, TotallyTab Cosplay, Sophie McNamara, Miss May, Angeline Bubsy, and Miss Twisted Hair: Gorejess Designs Make up: Miss Twisted …

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MAD2017 feature pic

M.A.D. Fashion Showcase 2017

The 2017 collection focused on elegant silk gowns in jewel tones, embellished with 3D flowers and leaves. Models: Lucy Luxburn, Dani van Groeningen, Vivien Lowe, Sasa LeStrange, Silhouette d’Amour Hair and make up: Gorejess Designs Clothing and accessories: Lyris Design Video by DNA Photography Photography by Some Random Photography: Photography by Houng Taing Photography:

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M.A.D. Fashion Showcase 2016

The collection for the M.A.D. Fashion Showcase contained a wide variety of design styles, with a connecting feature of sculpted 3D elements such as flowers and leaves, and fine detailed beading and leather embellishments. Photography by 3 Fates Media: Photography by Teardrop Studio: Photography by MFM Photography: Clothing and accessories by Lyris Design Hair and …

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Nocturna Carnivale 2014

Nocturna Carnevale 2014

Clothing by Lyris Design Photography by D J Photography Hair and make up by Gorejess Designs Hair and make up assistants: Wan Ling & Aman Kaur Models: Miss Twisted, Jeshua Wilson, Lady Lithium, Elizabeth Claire, Mel Eversparkle, Mad Dame, Vivien Lowe, Janet Coath, Angeline Bubsy, Cj Chandler, Silhouette d’Amour

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Carpe Noctum 2014

Carpe Noctum 2014


Circa Nocturna 2010

Circa Nocturna alternative fashion festival 2010. This collection featured a theme of rich silk and metallic hand painted designs. Clothing by Lyris Design Photography by Mark Boyle Models: Janet Coath, Chris Dennis, Carly Van Groeningen, Tom Car, Danielle Van Groeningen, Jarrod Tinson, CJ Chandler, Ksenia Twaites

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Circa Nocturna 2009

Circa Nocturna alternative fashion festival 2009.  

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LIVE ’08


Circa Nocturna 2008


Circa Nocturna 2007