Lyris Design » Corsetry
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Gold white rococco beauty belle wedding dress


Jade silk corset and gown with dragon scales and beading


White fox kitsune forest spirit corset and dress


The Lady of the Lake waterlily corset and gown

The Lady of the Lake

La Esmeralda purple silk corset and fishtail skirt with silver chain and crystal web

La Esmeralda

Australian druid shaman corset gown with skull, bones and beads

The Anaiwan Druid

The Poison Dragon corset dress and horns, lace and worbla flowers

The Poison Dragon

Melian, dark forest nymph, with a leafy green lace gown, black silk corset and black and silver leaves, crystals and horns.


Black and silver beaded gothic couture gown and corset with mantle

Silhouette d’Amour

Black and blue cherry blossom gothic kimono and corset


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