This majestic ensemble captures the essence of an Autumn masquerade, with rich delustered satin printed with an intricate amber filigree and floating Autumn leaves. The corset features a front busk, back modesty panel and pale amber lacing.

The skirt is a glorious confection of layers. Masses of black tulle give a classic ballgown shape, which is draped with a full and flowing underskirt of amber silk. The overskirt is a soft and heavy wrap of black satin with a gentle sheen, embellished with a scalloped hem and a drift of printed Autumn leaves. Gentle drapes and pennants of amber chiffon and gold silk form the bustle and the matching detached sleeves.

Clothing by Lyris Design
Photography by Danielle Van Groeningen
Model and make up: Carly Van Groeningen

Clothing: Lyris Design
Photography: Alysander De Djinn Photograpy
Graphic Art: Olivia Duval
Hair: Gorejess Designs
Make up: Elvis Schmoulianoff
Model: Janet Coath