Meliae black and purple fantasy gothic gown

This gown is dark and ephemeral, glimmering in the shadows of the deep forest. Thousands of tiny black sequins adorn the bodice, with layers of three different laces built over the sequins to create areas of muted glimmer. Purple and black crystals and beads around the bust, collar and back cut outs bring even more texture and light  The skirt is a long draped train of black shot purple chiffon, over an underskirt of black satin.

Clothing by Lyris Design
Photography, MUA, hair and headdress by Mad Dame
Model: Angeline Bubsy

Clothing: Lyris Design
Photography: Alysander De Djinn Photograpy
Graphic Art: Olivia Duval and Alexander Kiselyov
Hair and make up: Gorejess Designs
Model: Angeline Bubsy