The Anaiwan Druid

Australian druid shaman corset gown with skull, bones and beads

The Anaiwan Druid is inspired by the Australian bush. The corset and voluminous skirt is made from a softly lustrous silver green satin, embellished with three layers of lace applique in dark green, brown and copper to give a leaf and bark impression. It was hand beaded with wooden, crystal and raw gemstone beads, small charms, and bones and crowned with a resin cast fruit bat skull. The necklace is made of many looping strands of matching beads.

We also made a match coat, in a deeper forest green with brown silk lining. Around the hem, neckline and sleeves of the coat are Aboriginal inspired dot paintings in earthy metallic tones, and the Rainbow Serpent winds around the hood.

Clothing and accessories by Lyris Design
Photography and make up by Mad Dame
Model Eden Archaic