M.A.D. Fashion Showcase 2017

The second annual M.A.D. Fashion Showcase was again held at the beautiful St Kilda Town Hall. It was a tough lead up to the event, as I broke my wrist in a spectacular fashion just 3 weeks earlier, so unfortunately I only had five of my planned ten outfits finished and on the catwalk. Many thanks to everyone who helped out to make even that many happen! Despite everything we had a fabulous time at the event.

My amazing models were Lucy Luxburn, Dani van Groeningen, Vivien Lowe, Sasa LeStrange, and Silhouette d’Amour. Hair and make up was once again done by the extremely talented Gorejess Designs.

Here are a couple photos from Some Random Photography. Click here to see more photos and a video of the catwalk.