The Poison Dragon

The Poison Dragon corset dress and horns, lace and worbla flowers

The Poison Dragon is focused around the many tiny flowers embellishing the corset and horns. Each flower is hand sculpted and painted and is from a poisonous plant, including hemlock, belladonna, foxglove, hensbane, datura and delphinium. From this concept, we then designed the gown to match. A deep purple crushed skirt, lace overskirt and top hand dyed in greens and purples, and a dark purple silk underbust corset, with the poison flowers and crystal beads accentuating the hips. The necklace and earrings are created with more of the flowers, and they are twined throughout the spiral horns. To bring a touch more dragon to the ensemble, magenta titanium scales and dark purple crystals were sewn onto the corset and shoulders.

To see more details about the making of this outfit, check out our ‘Making of’ post here!

Clothing and accessories by Lyris Design
Photography and make up by Mad Dame
Model: Zoe Beattie